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Built by insurance sales professionals for sales professionals, CoverKey is the simple, intuitive and powerful auto and home insurance marketplace manager. 

What is CoverKey?

A platform for auto and home insurance agents to deliver faster, customer centric quotes and insights. Through our proprietary technologies coupled with real-time market insights we deliver real actionable recommendations to drive customer engagement, sales and ultimately renewal. With CoverKey’s powerful market insights you now have a tool to drive your business.

A complete business solution.

With CoverKey,  your agency has access to cutting edge artificial intelligence to create interactive pricing scenarios and automated policy reviews for all of your auto and home customer files —documents, pricing, service and more. All of your file information is stored securely in the cloud by enterprise grade security so everyone in your organization, including your customers, can easily access, edit, share and comment on their insurance from any device.

The platform you'll want to power your business.

Marketing, sales, and service platform which helps your business grow without compromise. Because “good for the business” should also mean “good for the customer.”


Free to Use

Create a free account today to start using our next generation pricing wizards to deliver quotes faster and with more accuracy. Add your client list and get our free retention reports too!


Data privacy and security are a top priority and we incorporate the latest encryption and banking level security for every user and customer.

Optimized Data

Unlock the power of the network and benefit from the trends happening in your local market or even on regional or national level providing faster service with better data.

Quick Pricing

Our pricing wizard offers pricing and recommendations with limited required information to drive conversations that lead to closed sales faster and more efficiently.

When you think about your experience with any method of purchasing insurance, what is the first thing that crosses your mind? Probably a confusing and unpleasant experience.”

Chris Skinner

Founder, CEO , CoverKey

We discovered that people would shop their auto and home policies more regularly if they had a better user experience. We acted on that opportunity and designed our software to deliver the experience our insurance agents, customers, and insurance carriers demanded.

It's simple to get started.

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